I’ve finished the interviews!

It’s been too long since I last updated – sorry!! But I’m doing it now 🙂

So, what’s happened?

Quite a few exciting things… in February I finished interviewing. I’ve got a total of 31 interviews with such amazing people and I wish they all lived nearer so we could hang out more. It’s going to be difficult to edit the footage as everyone said so much great stuff and I want to include it all!! There were loads of other musicians, bands and individuals from the scene who I would have loved to have included, but time just hasn’t allowed it (this time…).

Last month, with the help of friends and family, I was able to complete the huge task of transcribing all 31 interviews. Thank you so much to everyone who helped – it’s going to make the next stages of the project so much easier. The massive pile of printed transcripts is sat on the coffee table and I’ll be getting my highlighters out to work on those asap.

I’m still getting more general footage of gigs/people doing what they do in the music scene. If you have anything to share with me or know an event it would be worth me filming, please let me know via the Facebook page.

I’m nowhere near ready to screen anything yet, but I’m interested in hearing about opportunities relating to this, so get in touch.

Also, I will need some help with the edit – the visuals and fixing the audio in parts. If you have any relevant skills and are interested in getting involved, please get in touch. I’d rather hear from people who want to help directly, rather than recommendations. Thanks!!

Hopefully the next update will be sooner than November as I really want to get this finished by the end of summer (ambitious!).