What a year!

What a year! Thanks to you, I’ve been able to interview 24 people for the film this year and travel across the UK to meet everyone. It’s been busy but a great experience and I’ve definitely learnt a lot.

Since my last update 4 months ago I’ve interviewed so many people including Laila (Sonic Boom Six), The Tuts, Sarah (Esper Scout), Sarah (Kate’s Party) and Jen (Colour Me Wednesday). I’ve been keeping up with my photos on my disposable camera too for Maryam’s project. I have a lot of behind the scenes pics that I want to share but I’m still struggling to find the time to look properly at my website situation… something for 2016!
The main news is that the edit for the film will start in January 2016 (ie from tomorrow aaaaah). And I’m aiming to release it later in the year.

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I know I’m early, but happy new year!