London, Leeds and interesting links

Since my last post I’ve been to London and Leeds to do some more interviews. London was especially productive. I was only in the city for 28 hours but I managed to fit in interviews with Liepa and Ren from Petrol Girls, Perkie (solo musician), and Maryam (Assistant Editor at Punktastic). I also saw Petrol Girls and Perkie supporting War on Women at the Montague Arms – great gig and awesome venue.

Petrol Girls

Then last Friday I caught up with Iona from Great Cynics (and Shit Present) in Leeds. We chatted for ages about so many things. It was great.

Recently several new articles have been posted online about the types of things I’m covering in this doc including this brilliant article by Maryam about the pop punk scene, and this preview of the women who will be performing at Reading and Leeds festivals this weekend. There was also a storify/article in the Guardian which had a similar name to the title of my film.. but it’s not related to this project (even though it sent me into a minor panic!). It’s good that people are talking about the negative experiences and trying to initiate dialogue around the subject.

One of my aims at the outset of this project was to encourage people to get involved in music so it’s important to emphasise the positives in the music scene and get people excited about being part of it. This is something I’m very keen to include. At the same time though, I know it’s not all great, so the film will also look at the negative experiences people have had. It’s vital to include both. We need to look at the bad experiences in order to determine what needs to change to enable more people to have a positive experience of the scene.

I’ve got a few more things planned for the week ahead and then later on in September… I’ll keep you updated! I’m hoping to get a website sorted out asap too which might help inform people a bit more about what’s been going on. Keep supporting this project and please continue to share it with your friends 🙂 If anyone wants to donate extra funds or their time to help with the project, please send me a message on the film’s Facebook page! Also, if you want to interview me… please get in touch.